Corporate Office Global Services – Your Benefits:

1) Being able to move faster, being more flexible and customer focused.

2) Low costs of operations.

3) We are here to serve our clients and deliver great customer experiences.

4) Our team of executives and employees is customer oriented to handle you and your clients.

5) We can support any of your corporate needs.

Corporate Office Contacts Global Services

Corporate Office Global Service

Our corporate office services include a complete package that any corporate needs from day one, the inception stage, all the way to a fully developed company:

1) Corporate incorporation.

2) New office location.

3) Local and state licenses

4) Trading licenses

5) Representation and assistance with compliance services and any regulatory obligations.

6) Assistance with getting visas and work permits.

7) Financial management and accounting.

8) Audits and tax filing.

9) Physical and virtual offices address.

10) Virtual assistant and company secretary.

11) Corporate directors and key executives.

12) Website building and maintenance.

13) Social media marketing management.

14) SEO services.

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