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Corporate Office Contacts, Information and Services

Employees Expectation from a Corporate Office Devourment

Below you will find employee engagement statistics you need to know.

Out of hundreds and thousands of interesting statistics on employee engagement, here are the top 8 statistics you must know of if you want to create an engaging company culture in your corporate office:

1) 85% of employees are not engaged in the office workplace.

2) 81% of employees are considering leaving their jobs at any point of time.

3) Low employee engagement causing companies a loss of over $400B each year.

4) Companies with highly engaged workforce are over 21% more profitable.

5) Good company culture increases revenue by 4 times.

6) One in three professionals cite boredom as their main reason to leave their daily jobs.

7) 37% of employees consider personal recognition of their work and accomplishments to be most important. 8) Only 29% of employees are happy with their career advancement opportunities.

8) Only 29% of employees are happy with their career advancement opportunities.

Employee Engagement

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LinkedIn’s Amazing San Francisco Offices

Business Insider was recently invited to check out LinkedIn’s gorgeous new office building in downtown San Francisco. The building has been open for just over a year and is decked out with an open office floor plan, interactive art installations, a gourmet cafeteria (where employees eat for free), rooftop deck, and an impressive gym.

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